About Kara Rose

Welcome to Kara Rose, an online boutique of luxury, hand crafted candles and gifts, inspired by the vintage and contemporary.
We have a long standing love of candles – the look, the fragrance, the way their subtle glow brings that special ambience to any occasion. It was only when looking and failing to find something personal, unique and at an affordable price for a family anniversary that we thought why not design and make our own?

Kara Rose offers a selection of items for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, baby showers, birthdays, and anything else our customer’s require.
We hope you enjoy browsing through our charming range of products, and if you’re unable to find exactly what you’re looking for, let us know and we will try to tailor something to meet your needs.
Bright Blessings,
Kara Rose

About Kara

A nineties Leo, Kara is co-owner and founder of Kara Rose, previously known as The Cat, The Crow and The Cauldron.
Kara is a very creative spirit and produces most of the products you’ll find listed herself.
The initial spark to create and sell products came from a shared passion with her mum (Rowena, aka Rose) for all things spiritual, bespoke and witchy.

After watching The Craft as a child, Kara had always dreamt of having an eccentric shop like the one in the movie, but after battling mental illness upon leaving school, found most ‘normal’ tasks incredibly difficult to pursue.

She found help through an organisation/print shop that specialises in supporting those with mental ill health to rebuild their confidence through workplace training in a safe and supportive environment. (Please find details about this non-profit organisation based in Brentwood, Essex on the Mental Health page). Through several years of recovery; learning, working and helping others, Kara never failed to express her creative passions through writing, drawing, graphic design, card making, quilling, etc.

After failing to find something unique and at an affordable price for a family anniversary in the Summer of 2017, Kara and her mum thought, “Why not design and make our own?”

Now Kara strives to create, manage and evolve the business with mum Rowena.

About Rose

 Rowena/Rose has a theatrical background with a degree in the Performing Arts attained at the ripe age of 44. Previous to this she spent her time caring for her family, reading Tarot cards, casting spells, and baking numerous cakes and cookies.
She wholeheartedly supported her daughter Kara in finding her niche in the world and encouraged her in all her creative endeavours.
She is the proud Mother and Business Partner of an extremely talented soul and contributes her own blend of magick and spirituality to the joint venture that has become Kara Rose.